European Projects:

Project Type Role Web Link
H2020 INPUT - In-Network Programmability for next-generation personal cloUd service supporT Small Contribution Coordinator (R. Bruschi) Homepage
H2020 Arcadia - A novel ReConfigurable by design highly distributed Applications Development paradigm over programmable InfrAstructure Small Contribution Participant Homepage
ECONET IP - low Energy COnsumption NETworks Integrated Project Coordinator (R. Bolla) Homepage
TREND NoE - Towards Real Energy-efficient Network Design Network of Excellence Participant Homepage
INTERMEDIA NoE - Interactive Media with Personal Networked Device Network of Excellence Participant Homepage
ICE Ph.D. - Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Interactive and Cognitive Environments Erasmus Mundus Doctorate Participant Homepage


International Projects:

Project Type Role Web Link
FINE2 - Future InterNet Energy Efficiency Progetto Grande Rilevanza Italia/USA Coordinator (R. Bolla) Homepage


Italian Projects:

Project Type Role Web Link
GreenNet - Greening the network FIRB "Futuro in ricerca" Coordinator (R. Bruschi) Homepage
EFFICIENT - Energy eFFIcient teChnologIEs for the Networks of Tomorrow PRIN Coordinator (F. Davoli) Homepage
SORPASSO - flexible SOftware Router PlAtform for Secure Service-specific Overlay networks PRIN Coordinator (R. Bolla) Homepage
RECIPE Project - Robust and Efficient traffic Classification in IP nEtworks PRIN Participant Homepage
FAMOUS Project - Fluid Analitycal Models of Autonomic Systems PRIN Participant Homepage
TANGO Project - Traffic Models and Alghorithms for Next Generation IP Network Optimization FIRB Participant Homepage
VICOM Project - Virtual Immersive Communication FIRB Participant Homepage
BORA-BORA Project - Building Open Router Architectures Based on Router Aggregation PRIN Participant Homepage
EURO Project - University Experiment of Open Router PRIN Participant Homepage

Industrial Grants:

  • Selex Communication Project 1 - Design and optimization of Linux Software Router Architectures
  • Selex Communication Project 2 - Design and optimization of Multi-regional routing policies for TETRA networks
  • Selex Communication Project 3 - Design and optimization of advanced and distributed router architectures
  • Alcatel Lucent Project - Traffic Models and Control Alghorithms for QoS network equipment design
  • Intel EMEA Project -An IP Traffic Generator System Based on the IXP2400 Network Processor project homepage


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