Riccardo Rapuzzi received his "laurea" degree cum laude in Computer Science in 2004 and he obtained the Ph.D. degree in Electronic, Computer Engineering and Telecommunications in 2009 from University of Genoa.

Since 2009, he is holder of research grants at the Department of Communication, Computer and System Sciences (DIST) and, starting from 2012, at the newly constituted Department of Naval, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (DITEN) of the University of Genoa. He also collaborates with the National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT). Since 2006, he has been involved in both Italian and European research projects.

He is co-author of several reaserch papers, which have been published in proceedings of international conferences or international journals.

His main research interests include the Linux software router platforms, the Internet traffic classification and characterization, with particular focus on peer-to-peer applications, the IP mobility issues in wireless networks and pervasive environments and the energy efficiency techniques for green networking.

Conference Proceedings

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